Our experts team study your enquiry and establish a concrete short, mid and long-term plan in order to achieve goals. Here is some examples of needs in which we can build appropriate strategies based on the use of The Buried Diffuser:

  • A better water management (efficiency, productivity, economy, saving…)
  • A friendly environment irrigation (responsible water consumption)
  • An ultimate technique to combat desertification
  • A sustainable agriculture (irrigated and rain fed) although the climate change and droughts
  • An intelligent and easy way to combat hunger and famine, poverty and food scarcity
  • …    
Drought Mitigation using Buried Diffusers


We offer support to all our customers in how to make the best use of The Buried Diffuser. According to the nature of the soil, the age of your trees and plants, the humidity of your region... we define the use conditions (irrigation frequencies, water quantity...) of each Buried Diffuser.

Chahbani Technologies gives you all the tips and information in order to measure the effectiveness of your Buried Diffusers network comparing to any other irrigation system. This effectiveness can be measured for a short, mid or long-term period. We guarantee to our customers an actual concrete effectiveness in less than one year (In most case, our customers notice an important ROI in about 6 months).