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About Chahbani Technologies - Chahtech SA

    Chahbani Technologies (CHAHTECH SA) is a Tunisian company specialized in inventing, manufacturing and distributing innovative irrigation systems such as The Buried Diffuser.

    Our products are the results of more than 25 years spent experimenting new techniques for irrigation and for the injection of retention water or natural sources water to be conserved in the deep soil. These researches were lead by Dr. CHAHBANI Bellachheb (senior scientific researcher specialized in water economy and efficient use of hydraulic resources).

This worldwide patented (PCT) invention was awarded multiple times. Below some of these awards:

  • Laureate of The African Forum - 100 innovations for sustainable development. The Elysée Summit, Paris, France. 2013
  • The Grand Prize INNOVATEC 2012/2013, MIFFEL, Avignon, France. 2012
  • TOP 20 innovative SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) of InfoDev, World Bank, Helsinki, Finland. 2011
  • UNESCO international water prize, Budapest, Hungary. 2009
  • Creativity price awarded by the Presidency of the Republic of Tunisia. 2009
  • Maghreb union combating desertification Technologies Prize. 2007
  • ALECSO Prize (Arab League of Education, Culture and Science Organization) of scientific innovation in the field of water. 2002
  • Two silver medals for two inventions - 30th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland. 2002
  • National Merit Medal (Commander) under the sector of Education and Science, Tunisia. 2001
  • First prize of the Tunisian Association of Inventors for researchers inventors granted by the Tunisian Association of Inventors at the 11th National Competition of Invention and Innovation, Tunisia. 2001
  • First prize of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for the best invention by an inventor researcher at the 11th National Competition of Invention and Innovation. Tunisia.  2001
  • First prize in the "Mediterranean Prize for Water" award from the Carrefour Euro Mediterranean Water HYDROTOP Second prize of Technology Innovation International Fair of Agriculture and Technology Innovation SIAT. Tunisia. 2000
  • ...

    Chahbani Technologies was created with a high desire to improve the human life. Our core values are driven by an unfailing wish to save water for the next generations, combat famine, combat hunger, combat desertification... If you share our values and want to change this world for a better future, please don't hesitate to contact us.