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In order to best serve our customers, Chahbani Technologies (CHAHTECH SA) participates to worldwide exhibitions during which we organize demos, presentations, open discussions, etc. We will be pleased to meet you and present you all our new innovations. Please find below exhibitions announcements as well as some fresh news about our company.

Efficient water management using Buried Diffusers - EAD (Abu Dhabi)

    The Environment Agency (EAD) of Abu Dhabi has held a workshop to identify innovative water technologies from around the world, addressing Abu Dhabi’s specific needs in the efficient management and conservation of groundwater resources. The Buried Diffuser was presented at the workshop, with a particular focus on servicing the agricultural, industrial and residential sectors. We are happy and delighted to collaborate with the EAD experts' team to bring concrete and efficient solutions. Read more:

Meet us at GFIA 2014 - Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture

    Dr. Bellachheb CHAHBANI, CEO & Founder of CHAHTECH, is invited to give a speech at The GFIA 2014. His presentation will focus on efficient water resources management in agriculture (irrigation, storage, drought mitigation, etc.). CHAHTECH will also hold a stand and make demonstrations and trials on the use of The Buried Diffuser and The Draining Floater. We will be delighted to meet you at this event, please contact us for more details:

The Buried Diffuser distinguished by The AFD

    We are proud to announce that The Buried Diffuser was selected by The Agence Française de Développement  (AFD) as one of the most sustainable technology for Africa. In fact, CHAHTECH is invited by the French government to the “African Forum – 100 innovations for sustainable development” which will take place during the Elysée Summit (3 - 6 December).

Drought mitigation using Buried Diffusers

    As part of its program to reduce the effects of climate change, ASPBAE Boughrara supported by the Global Environment Facility has chosen to use The Buried Diffuser. The main objective of this project is the rehabilitation of olive trees plantation in the Jorf peninsula (southern Tunisia) suffering from drought affecting crops and farmers revenues.  In a TV report, carried out by Wataniya (Tunisian National TV), on the launch of the project, Dr. Bellcahheb Chahbani (at 1”50) describes the role of the Buried Diffuser in this project. Watch the video


    We are pleased to announce that Chahtech SA was selected as one of the 40 worldwide innovative enterprises in water related businesses.  Selected companies will be invited at the WATERVENT forum, which will be held at the United Arab Emirates the 27th and 28th of November 2013, in order to present their innovation for industrial investors and global audience (political deciders, dealers, users). During this event, Chahtech will present The Buried Diffuser (different models, different uses...) and The Draining Floater. We will be delighted to meet you at this event, please contact us for more details:

CHAHTECH in France

    CHAHTECH and BEDE will carry out a series of demonstrations (installation, advantages, questions/answers…) related to the use of Buried Diffusers in environmentally responsible agriculture. Demonstrations will be made on fruit trees within farmers who want to switch from drip irrigation to Buried Diffusers. This event will be held near to Montpellier (Mailhac town) from 23 to 25 September 2013.

We will be delighted to meet you at this event, please contact us for more details: or call BEDE at +33 (0) 4 67 65 45 12.

The Burkina Faso adopts The Buried Diffuser

    CHAHTECH SA is pleased to welcome an engineers team from the National Focal Point of the Convention on Biological Diversity attached to the Permanent Secretariat of the National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development of Burkina Faso.

This delegation will visit Tunisian farms equipped with Buried Diffusers. A special program, to take advantage of all the benefits of The Buried Diffuser (water saving, energy saving, reduction of pesticides/insecticides, improved productivity, water conservation...) will start after this visit with the installation of an experimental plot (over 2000 Buried Diffusers) of vegetables (corn, tomato and onions) in Burkina Faso.

FAQ section added

    We added a new section with frequently asked questions about The Buried Diffuser. Please feel free to contact us if you don't find the answer to your question.

Looking for Partners/Distributors

    CHAHTECH is looking for worldwide distributors for the Buried Diffuser. Many opportunities have to be considered and we are ready to discuss serious partnership propositions. If you are interested, please contact us at:

CHAHTECH in The kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    CHAHTECH, Water Efficiency France and Delta Water Efficiency, responsible for marketing the Buried Diffuser in the Arabian Gulf countries, made a series of demonstrations at several agricultural groups specialized in the production of dates and olive oil. This successful operation will be followed by large-scale installations of Buried Diffuser.

Farm managers, aware of issues related to water management, wish to join the Buried Diffuser not only as a conventional irrigation system, but rather as a revolutionary methodology for optimal water management (Anticipated Irrigation and Injection of water in deep soil layers).

CHAHTECH presenting The Buried Diffuser in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

CHAHTECH in Morocco


    CHAHTECH and its partner WWS, responsible for marketing the Buried Diffuser in Morocco, were present at the International Agricultural Fair in Meknes (SIAM) and Water Expo and Forum 2013 in Casablanca. These events were a huge success. In fact, hundreds of visitors (engineers, scientists, farmers, technicians...) attend our booth for demos and presentations about the Buried Diffuser.

Mr Fouad DOUIRI, Moroccan Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment and Mr. Mathieu Babaud Darret, Minister of Water and Forests of Côte d'Ivoire have long traded with Dr. Chahbani and its Moroccan partners.

The Buried Diffuser, as an innovative solution providing concrete answers to farmers problems, was definitely adopted. Several putting-in in many regions have been planned.

CHAHTECH presenting The Buried Diffuser in Morocco

CHAHTECH SA rewarded in France   

      On more price for our company... We are happy and proud to inform you that our main product The Buried Diffuser won the second prize at the "Grand Prix Innovatec 2012/2013" among 300 exhibitors.