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If you are looking for the most efficient underground irrigation technique, for saving water, energy, fertilizers, etc., for a better productivity... The Buried Diffuser is what you need.

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Considering the problems of water in the arid and semi arid regions in the world, our team (lead by senior scientific researchers specialized in water economy and efficient use of hydraulic resources), spent more than 25 years experimenting new techniques for irrigation and for the injection of retention water or natural sources water to be conserved in the deep soil. These researches results are an innovative technique which is called: The Buried Diffuser . This worldwide patented (PCT) invention was awarded multiple times.

In Brief

The Buried Diffuser

The Buried Diffuser is a new underground irrigation technique which can be used for trees (fruit trees, forest trees, ornamental trees) and shrubs, vegetables in fields and in green houses, and plants in containers, pots or boxes. The Buried Diffuser is, with no doubt, the most efficient technique to bring water to the roots.

  • New solution to save irrigation water, energy, fertilizer, etc.
  • 0% waste by evaporation
  • 2 times less water than the drip method
  • 3 to 5 times more yield than drip irrigation
  • Very simple installation and use
  • Not expensive
  • Innovative with high commercial potential 
  • Most effective underground irrigation system
  • Allows Anticipated Irrigation during the rain period and no irrigation during the dry period
  • Allows The injection and the conservation of water in the deep soil layers

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